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How to Download SBI Account Statement Online 2024

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Downloading your SBI bank account statements online is a convenient way to keep track of your transactions and balances.

As an SBI customer, you have online access to statements going back several years through the SBI internet banking portal. Getting set up takes just a few minutes.

How to Download SBI Account Statement Online

To start,

  1. Log into your SBI internet banking account at and Make sure you have your customer ID and password handy.
  2. Once logged in, click on the “Account Statement” link under the “My Accounts” section of your homepage.
  3. On the next page, you will need to select the account you want the statement for along with the date range. Most customers choose the current month statement to review all recent transactions. However, you have the flexibility to download statements going back several years.
  4. Just input the start and end dates and click submit.

After a few seconds, your PDF statement will generate. Be sure to save or print out a copy for your records. I like to save mine to my computer in an organized folder so I can reference back at any time.

Some key things I review on my statements each month are my opening and closing balances, transaction details like withdrawals, deposits, and fees, as well as any auto-debits that may vary from month to month. It helps me stay on top of my account activity and catch any fraudulent charges early on.

Downloading your account statements through SBI Internet banking is fast, easy, and secure. However, if you run into any issues, you can call or visit your nearest SBI branch for assistance from customer service. They are usually very helpful, in my experience.

I hope this overview gives you what you need to access your SBI account statements digitally.


Q: How far back can I download account statements from SBI?

A: Most customers can access SBI account statements going back 2-3 years through online banking. However, specific details may vary, so check with your branch if you need older statements beyond that time period.

Q: Is there a limit on how many statements I can download per month?

A: No, there are no limits on how many statements you download. Feel free to access and save as many past statements as you need through online banking.

Q: Can I download statements for multiple accounts at the same time?

A: Unfortunately you can only generate one account statement at a time. But after saving your first statement, simply return to the menu and select another account to download additional statements as needed.


Downloading and regularly reviewing your SBI account statements is an important way to monitor your finances and account activity.

Thanks to the convenience of online banking, you can easily access, save or print out statements from the past several years.

Be sure to leverage this tool to catch errors early and have peace of mind knowing your accounts are in order. Reach out to SBI customer service if any questions come up along the way.

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