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Does YouTube TV Offer Bally Sports – Full Guide

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Does YouTube TV offer Bally Sports regional networks? Unfortunately no, YouTube TV dropped Bally Sports in 2020 during contract negotiations. See which streaming services do provide Bally Sports.

This has been frustrating for many sports fans who relied on YouTube TV for access to Bally Sports regional networks. Bally Sports provides coverage of local professional and college teams in various markets across the country.

The removal of Bally Sports from YouTube TV impacted millions of subscribers who could no longer watch live games and analysis programming from Bally Sports channels such as:

  • Bally Sports Arizona
  • Bally Sports Detroit
  • Bally Sports Florida
  • Bally Sports Great Lakes
  • Bally Sports Indiana
  • Bally Sports Kansas City
  • Bally Sports Midwest
  • Bally Sports New Orleans
  • Bally Sports North
  • Bally Sports Ohio
  • Bally Sports Oklahoma
  • Bally Sports San Diego
  • Bally Sports SoCal
  • Bally Sports South
  • Bally Sports Southeast
  • Bally Sports Southwest
  • Bally Sports Sun
  • Bally Sports West

YouTube TV dropped these networks after Sinclair Broadcast Group, owner of Bally Sports, demanded what YouTube TV considered excessive fee increases during carriage negotiations. Unable to reach a compromise, the two sides remain at an impasse.

This leaves sports fans wondering if and when Bally Sports might return to the YouTube TV lineup. Unfortunately, there is no definitive answer yet, as both sides seem firmly entrenched in their stances.

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How do I get Bally Sports on YouTube TV?

Unfortunately, there is currently no way to access Bally Sports networks on YouTube TV. Since YouTube TV dropped Bally Sports, the channels are not available on the streaming service. Sports fans will need to switch to an alternative provider like DIRECTV Stream or Hulu + Live TV to get Bally Sports.

Does YouTube TV offer Bally Sports South?

No, YouTube TV does not offer Bally Sports South. This regional network covering teams in the southeastern U.S. was removed from YouTube TV along with the rest of the Bally Sports channels.

Does YouTube TV offer Bally Sports Midwest?

No, Bally Sports Midwest is also not available on YouTube TV. This network featuring pro and college sports across northern Midwest states is no longer offered to YouTube TV subscribers.

Does YouTube TV offer Bally Sports Detroit?

Again, the answer is no. Bally Sports Detroit, home to pro coverage of teams like the Tigers, Red Wings, and Pistons, is another regional Bally Sports network not carried on YouTube TV.

Will YouTube TV offer Bally Sports in the future?

It’s unclear if YouTube TV will eventually reach a new deal with Sinclair to bring back Bally Sports networks. Both sides seem firmly entrenched in their negotiating stances. Sports fans can only hope they reach a compromise, but there is no definite timeline for Bally Sports to return to YouTube TV.

Does YouTube TV have Bally Sports?

No, YouTube TV no longer provides any Bally Sports regional networks. All Bally Sports channels were dropped from the YouTube TV lineup in 2020.

Does YouTube TV have Bally Sports North?

No, Bally Sports North is not offered by YouTube TV. This network covering Minnesota sports is another casualty of the ongoing rift between YouTube TV and Sinclair.

Does YouTube TV have Bally Sports Ohio?

Unfortunately, Bally Sports Ohio, home to Cleveland sports teams, is also absent from the YouTube TV channel lineup after being dropped in 2020.

Does YouTube TV get Bally Sports?

The short answer remains no. YouTube TV once carried Bally Sports regional networks but no longer offers any Bally Sports programming after the channels were removed due to failed negotiations.

How to Get Bally Sports Without YouTube TV

Since YouTube TV does not offer Bally Sports, fans have turned to alternative streaming platforms:

  • DIRECTV Stream: Offers the full suite of Bally Sports networks.
  • Hulu + Live TV: Provides some, but not all, Bally Sports channels.
  • fuboTV: Also offers select Bally Sports channels, with holes in regional coverage.
  • Sling TV, Verizon Fios, and traditional cable/satellite providers also present options for gaining access to Bally Sports.

Sports supporters should compare channel lineups and pricing to find the best fit based on their needs and budget. Free trials from DIRECTV Stream, FuboTV, and others allow sampling before committing.

The Future Hopes for Bally Sports on YouTube TV

There are hopes that cooler heads will eventually prevail and YouTube TV and Sinclair can reach a mutually beneficial distribution deal. However, there is no definite timeline on if or when Bally Sports might return to YouTube TV.

The ongoing negotiations have left loyal sports fans feeling like pawns in a game of corporate greed. All they want is the ability to easily watch coverage of their favorite local teams at a reasonable price.

For now, YouTube TV subscribers are left searching for alternatives like DIRECTV Stream or Hulu + Live TV if they want access to Bally Sports programming. But many will eagerly welcome back Bally Sports if YouTube TV and Sinclair can agree to a fair deal that puts the needs of passionate sports viewers first.

Conclusion of Does YouTube TV Offer Bally Sports

The removal of Bally Sports from YouTube TV has been a major disappointment for sports fans across the country. Regional networks like Bally Sports Midwest, Bally Sports Ohio, and Bally Sports South provide access to beloved local professional and college teams. However ongoing tensions between YouTube TV and Sinclair Broadcast Group have kept these crucial channels off the streaming service.

While YouTube TV subscribers wait hopefully for a resolution, alternatives like DIRECTV Stream and Hulu + Live TV offer a path forward for viewers relying on Bally Sports. Comparing channel lineups and free trial options allows you to find the best substitute accessible in your area.

The complicated media landscape means no perfect solution exists currently. Yet the needs of loyal sports supporters remain unchanged – they simply want to enjoy their favorite teams without corporate squabbles restricting access. Both YouTube TV and Sinclair should keep those fans in mind, recognizing that restoring Bally Sports on fair terms best serves the sports community.

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